Are you planning to move and you are not sure what kind of lock would be the best for you? Or maybe you are an airbnb host and you need an update of your locks to have your property under control and be more flexible with your keys? No matter what is the reason you should consider to try one of the Codelocks products. It offers variety types of locks from mechanical to electronic, smart and even locker locks.

Mechanical locks

Mechanical locks are suitable for both inside and outside areas. You can have one code at a time and only in the highest models you don’t need a locksmith to change it. But above it all mechanical locks are easy, cheap and long-lasting solutions for your home security.

Electronic locks

However, electronic locks are more functional than mechanical ones. When it comes to electronic locks they don’t require wiring, ID cards or external power. This is why digital locks are viable for variety of applications.

Smart locks

Smart locks are the connection between traditional access and smart technology. It allows you to have many different possibilities to open your property. For example by using your smartphone or keypad.

Locker locks

Locker locks are perfect when you need to secure things like cupboards, drawers etc. but you are fed up of forgetting where you put the keys. Locker locks allow you to open your property simply by using four digital code.

Remember, if you need and update of your locks WG Locksmiths is always available to install it for you.

Source: https://www.codelocks.co.uk