Security tips

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Security tips

  • Always keep your house keys with you.
  • Do not leave your house keys on display.
  • Before opening your front door, look through your peephole.
  • Keep garage doors locked (padlock).
  • Draw the curtains or close the shutters before going to bed.
  • Ensure that your windows are secure.
  • Make sure all security lights work.
  • If you are on holiday or a weekend away set timers for lights, radio, tv set or other devices to pretend someone is at home.
  • Inform your neighbours when you go on holidays.
  • While leaving home switch the alarm on if you have one.
  • After moving house always change locks, because you never know how many sets of keys have been produced before.
  • Ask your reliable local locksmith for free survey of your home security and upgrade it if necessary.
  • Ensure whether the locksmith you chose is fully insured.
  • Replace or install new locks suitable to BS 3621.
  • Avoid posting holiday plans, pictures of the ongoing holidays on social networking sites, especially on Facebook, where strangers may see them.
  • Uncollected mail is a sign that you are away. The Royal Mail’s ‘Keepsafe’ service will keep your mail for up to 2 months while you are away. Go for it (set it up).
  • Make sure that you have up to date contents and property insurance.