Smart technology is popping up in every field of our life. Our phones went smart over a decade ago. The smart car and smart meter are all part and parcel of a daily life now. In home security systems we have the smart locking system to keep our homes safe and secure. Smart lock is a great idea but the technology is still evolving. It is a bit like the smart car, where you might not be quite ready to plunge into this field of technology, until such time as it becomes safer to do so.

What is a Smart Lock?

A lock that is controlled by your smartphone and one that is not a physical key. It can also be accessed by a fob. Similar to the way we open the doors of most modern cars and also card, code and remotely via app. The lock could be linked by a Bluetooth and accessed by a Wi-Fi connection.

Smart locks can be hacked. It is possible to hack into the security system of a smart lock and release the locks, so it opens for potential thieves. However, there has been very little evidence of this practice being widespread. Anyway, traditional locks can also be opened without keys, so the potential for burglars always exists unfortunately.

What is a Traditional Lock?

Traditional locks are the typical, mechanical locks seen on every secure door today. It is a physical deadbolt or latch and lever system or a cylinder lock requiring a physical key to open it.

The main differences between Smart and Traditional Locks:

  • Design, appearance and the way how to use the lock. If a potential thief wants to break into a traditional lock, the burglar needs to be physically at the premises. Hacking of a smart lock system can be achieved remotely.
  • Many of the smart locks available on the market have coded access for a certain number of people. A door code is used so that all members of the family or tenants of the household can enter. Unless you know the door code, you cannot access the premises. The access codes could be change whenever is needed, some of the models allows to do the changes remotely via app.
  • The traditional lock needs to be replaced each time if new key is needed.
  • The smart locks have also an option to generate plenty of codes and also to generate one time codes, one day codes or even for particular days. There are so many advantages and options of using of smart locks both for the residential and commercial properties or offices.
  • Some of the smart locks have access control features.

If You have any doubts which lock is the most suitable for You contact us, we will be happy to give You advice.