1. Can you investigate and assess my household security? Is it free of charge?

Yes, we can book for you a non-binding safety assessment of your home or apartment. In most cases, customers send us pictures / videos of the property, doors and windows and we can advise them by relying on that material.

2. Can I receive free of charge advice on what to buy if I decide to get parts by myself?

Most of the parts we supply are only available in the specialised shops / suppliers stores / distribution centres for locksmiths and security installers and only those parts we can recommend. If you decide to supply parts on your own there is a big chance that we simply will not be able to help you because the quality, warranty, T & C’s, security and customer service will not be satisfactory enough. We do help with no fees when buying smart alarms, smart locks and cameras when we make the installations. In terms of locks and handles, if you decide to buy them yourself and you need our help – we can help you make sure you will choose the right parts, sizes and your product will meet the security standards, but the fee of £65 may apply at the appointment. If that kind of help is only through email / whatsapp contact with all our questions fully answered by you, then the maximum fee of £40 may apply.