1. How many keys will I receive with the lock? Is it possible to get more?

*all of those enquiries need to be made during the quote process.*

The number of keys depends on the type of lock or cylinder. Most locks are equipped with 2 or 3 keys as standard. If you need more keys than there are in the standard bundle, please inform us about it in advance because it is possible to order more keys from the manufacturer / supplier.

2. Can I get specialised keys that cannot be cut in the nearest key cutting store?

Yes, we have different types of locks and keys, some of them cannot be duplicated with a regular key cutter. If you want that kind of key you should inform us about it in advance.

3. How can I know which lock I should choose?

Always ask us, we are here for you to help you make the best decision and install locks that will be safe in order to make your doors resistant to thieves and unwanted guests. Also, we will make sure that locks meet the standards of your insurer, and that they are safe when it comes to leaving your house in an emergency or normal situation. Before commencing an assignment, inform us about your requirements, safety and comfort concerns and about the requirements of the insurance company. This way will be able to advise you and present our recommendations. 

4. Are there the same kind of locks for houses in multiple occupation and single let homes? / What are the communal door locks / door requirements ?

No. For HMO properties (house in multiple occupation) there are different locks than for single let properties (for single person / couple or family).

In HMO, locks on communal doors should always be possible to open without a key, i.e. with the use of thumbturns. Doors should be equipped with door closers – fire safety conditions. HMO rooms / bedrooms should also have door closers and as for locks, the landlord should check these requirements with the council where the property is located and which will certify the property.

In single let properties there are no such requirements as in HMO, however, we recommend landlords for their peace of mind and for the safety and comfort of tenants, to use locks that are 100% functional and that make it easy to escape from the property in the event of an emergency situation. And at least to have a door closer installed on the main door.

When the property is for the rent it is also worth considering whether it will be easy for tenants to be locked out of the property. We strongly suggest using  locks which will prevent the tenant from being locked out or at least to have a key safe with a spare key for such an event. Smart locks are becoming an increasingly popular solution for landlords.

5. How can I increase the security level on my communal entrance door?

Just send us an inquiry with information on what locks and other parts (e.g. door closer) are installed on your door so that we can advise you about the security then. Safe communal doors should have 3 basic elements: high security nightlatch with keyless egress, deadlock with thumbturn and door closer.

6. How can I get copies for my Ultion keys?

You can order the copies of Ultion keys from us by sending enquiry to: wglocksmiths@gmail.com. Also it is possible to get it directly from the manufacturer’s website using the key code.

7. I think my UPVC door mechanism does not function properly anymore, what can I do?

Best option will be making an appointment with us to determine the cause and suggest a possible solution. If we will not be able to help you, we will not charge any fees.

It’s a good idea to do a quick test: Open the door wide, raise the handle up and hold it gently, then turn the key to the lock position (just like when you close the door), then release the handle and check if you can push the handle down as you would like to open the door. If the handle puts a resistance and you cannot deactivate the multipoint locking system, the mechanism is working properly. You only need the realignment of the door and adjustments of the keeps, very rarely it may be necessary to relocate the door on a new hinge. If the handle does not resist and you can open / deactivate the multipoint locking system, then the gearbox or whole mechanism is faulty. 

This quick test is effective in over 50% of problematic situations where the multipoint locking system is installed on UPVC, composite and wooden doors. Remember to test the door when it is wide open and never push anything too hard to prevent deterioration or spoilage. We also encourage you to send us videos and pictures by WhatsApp or email, then we will be able to help and advise you even more.

8. My door does not open easily, I need to force it or jiggle the key. Can I carry on using it?

You should stop using such doors / locks and contact us as soon as possible to prevent further damage and thus unnecessary costs and stressful situations.

9. Do you sell British Standard Locks?

Yes, we have quite a lot of different locks that comply with British Standard regulations and have a certificate / kitemark on them as a proof.

10. Do you install and change locks on the wooden side gates?

Yes, for the adequate recommendations please send us pictures and requirements via Whatsapp or email. To take good proof pictures / videos please see point 3 of FAQ.

11. Do you install and change locks on the metal gates?

Yes but only on some of them, for the recommendations please send us pictures of your existing gate / locks via Whatsapp or Email.