1. Are all the locks approved by insurance companies?

No, but we have some that are.

Only some of the locks available on the British market meet the requirements of British insurance companies. However, not all of the locks that you have or will have installed must meet these requirements. We know the standards that are the most common and we always try to adapt our offer in order to make your doors secure and meet the requirements of insurers. Remember that sometimes your insurer may have different requirements than others and that your door may be in some way unusual and we will need to find a solution for that. Always contact your insurer and ask for guidelines. We are here to help you meet them.

2. Where can I find the information about what locks should I have in order to meet my current or future insurer requirements?

The best thing to do is to ask your insurer to send you all of the security requirements and follow them when choosing locks. We will be able to advise you at this stage.