1. What is the best way to book an emergency appointment?

The best form of contacting us for emergency services will be by phone or WhatsApp.

2. Are there special types of locks that make it easier to escape during an emergency situation? (e.g. fire emergency evacuation)

Yes, these locks are easy to open from the inside without using the key.However, they are not recommended to be installed everywhere, it depends on the type of door etc.

3. How soon can you get to me in the case of an emergency? Do you have a locksmith near me?

It depends on the location and time of a day, but we are able to reach all of the places in the areas we cover in a maximum of 40 minutes.

4. There has been a burglary attempt in my house, can you check and advise if I am still safe?

Of course, we can offer you a non-binding safety assessment of your home or apartment.