You might wish to know if an electronic digital lock is safer than a mechanical one. Or indeed, the other way around. When the digital, electronic lock was introduced recently, many in the industry held the debate surrounding the differences between the two systems. There are positives and negatives with both. Ultimately, it is down to personal choice and needs. But if you want to be educated about some of the advantages of the digital lock system and its setbacks, then we will hopefully clear some myths up.

Electronic Digital Locks

One of the most convenient factors about the digital lock system powered by electricity is the super-fast access you get to the premises. The pass code is easy to enter. Even when it is dark and you won’t need to put your glasses on to see the number pad.

If an unauthorised user is trying to guess the pass code, it will block that person from any access after three – five failed attempts. Even when the lock memory pad has run out of battery power for its back light display, you can still enter the pass code as the system can still work without this power feature.

You can easily change a passcode on a door. No need to dismantle it and no need to hire a locksmith. So if you securing a home with multi-occupancy and one tenant moves out, or You will change the cleaner or gardener, the new pass code can be easily changed and updated.

The digital electronic locks have also an option to generate plenty of codes and also to generate one time codes, one day codes or even for particular days.

The digital electronic locks can also be accessed by a fob. Similar to the way we open the doors of most modern cars and also card, code and remotely via app. The lock could be linked by a Bluetooth and accessed by a Wi-Fi connection.

The downside to an electronic digital lock is that the batteries must be changed about every 9 to 12 months. Occasionally you might experience temporary lock out if the batteries end up going flat.

Mechanical Digital Locks

The lack of need for batteries might be the biggest advantage for some users. Mechanical digital locks are slower and clunky compared to the electronic digital locks.

There are set pass codes on mechanical lock systems too. However, these are much more challenging to change the code. Often, a factory reset is required to change the code. Or even a locksmith must be called out to alter it. There are some mechanical digital locks which allow to change the code on a door.

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