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We anticipate the needs of property managers and strive to exceed their expectations,

ensuring heir peace of mind and making their lives easier.

We are a local and family-owned locksmith company since 2017, consisting of a small but dynamic and growing team. We are successfully providing locksmith and property security services for residential and commercial clients. We have completed over 3000 orders and provided service to over 2000 customers. Our knowledge and experience have been appreciated by over 1000 excellent online reviews on platforms such as Google, Which? Trusted Traders, Checkatrade.com, Trustatrader.com, and Trustpilot. We are extremely proud of our reputation. Our team and services are constantly developing.

why us?

A reliable and reputable locksmith company

We have built our company on a good reputation and regular customers, which is why we offer them a priority service. While choosing our services you are also given the possibility of establishing a long-term partnership with us. We are locksmiths with a proactive approach and open-minded attitude. Our team is extremely enthusiastic when it comes to innovations, especially smart locks and smart alarms. We are also providing consulting services - finding solutions for any property.


Professional, experienced, and well-equipped locksmiths and security system installers


Prompt actions and priority service for regular customers

Professional payments

We can accept debit and credit card payments on-site or set up payment erms for your business


We are fully insured


A reliable and reputable locksmiths company


A friendly and responsive team

Our offer

Locksmiths Services


lock replacements, upgrades and maintenance


emergency doors opening


door and locks adjustments and realignments

Security Systems Installations


smart alarms installations


smart locks installations


smart cameras installations

Long-term partnership

with property managers

We offer 3 different options

of property inspections:


Single appointment: up to 1h on the 1 property.


Half day appointment: up to 4h on the properties (unlimited numer of properties within the time frame).

Time slots to choose from:

Morning 9:00 am – 1:00 pm

Afternoon 1:30 pm – 5:30 pm


One day appointment: unlimited number of properties within the time frame of an whole day (9 am – 5:30 pm).

Included in the amount:

maintenance, adjustments, recommendations, register of locks, handles, door closers, number of keys required etc. 

Prices for services, products and conditions are available on request.

Ultion keys & cylinders – quick and comfortable key cutting

Ultion lock is a high-quality solution for upgrading the security of your property. It gives you, apart from security, many other benefits, which are presented below in more detail.


Simplicity – Each set includes a lock and three keys with special codes. Each code must be registered by a managing person. Only the managing person that has registerd the code is able to make the copy or authorize it for someone else.

Every time someone will try to make a copy, a notification will be sent to the managing person.


Usability – if anyone will request the additional key, the managing person can authorize it with just one click.

Keys can legally be obtained directyly from ultion-lock.co.uk or from authorized key centers. WG Locksmiths in an authorized key center. Additional locks (cylinders) can be added to other doors based on already installed lock to allow access with the same key (keyed alike service).

Ultion locks are designed with the special registerable codes and are especially recommended for housing communities. Installing that type of lock with the code will give you the possibility to repair it or replace it without the need of changing the keys for all of the reidents. What’s more, it is recommended to buy two identical Ultion Lock with the same code as a backup.


This will give you:

  • quick replacement – having an additional lock will allow you to get an insant replacement;
  • savings – instant replacement also means cost-effectivenss related to emengency repair, but also reduction of costs related to the purchase of temporary keys for residents;
  • security – waiting for the replacement of a broken lock causes leaving your property unsecured for a longer or shorter amount of time.

If there will be a problem with the lock this proactie approach will ensure the following:

  • the lock can be replaced immadiately reducing the response time and the costs of the locksmith services;
  • avoid all of the problems associated with replacing the lock – the residents do not have to replace the key with a new one;
  • with a spare Ultion lock the replacement will be done immediately after the notification.

Ultion locks can be keyed alike, i.e. we can match the existing locks so that you can open them with the same key.

For Ultion locks, we can also design a master key structure.

Door-to-Door locksmiths sevices

Receiving keys from the agency in order to complete the order and their subsequent delivery back after the order is completed.


Quick services

Special prices for quick orders – such as replacement of 1-3 cylinders on a given property where there is no time limit on a given day. We execute the order when we whae time and that is a why the labor cost is cheaper. Prices for services, products and conditions are viable on request.


Extra keys


Master key services


Restricted keys


Code changes on digital, mechanical, electronic and smart locks


Keyed alike services – 1 key to all locks (if possible)


Door closer adjustment / replacement


Letter boxes

New letterboxes installation, locks replacement, emergency opening.


Communal door upgrades and maintenance

We offer maintenence services for the property managers – twice or once a year. We receive the list from the property manager with all of the doors that we have to check.

The basic maintenance service includes: correcing, aligning and lubricating, tightening everything that has loosened up, aligning the locks and adjusting the door closer if required.

The security of communal doors is very important to prevent your property from unauthorized people and to escape easily from your property in the case of an emergancy.


Finding solutions for any property as it is better to spend more time on a desiging process before rather than spending much more time on fixing, changing locks after. It generates less spendings ad prevents problems. Offer includes a register of locks and other parts that are currently present in the property. We are providing solutions that are secure and cost-effective for repair. Being proactive makes reactions more efficient.

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Prices for services, products and conditions are Available on request

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