Ultion lock problems

WG Locksmiths: Locksmith, lock, emergency and smart security services

Ultion lock problems

WG Locksmiths: Locksmith, lock, emergency and smart security services

Ultion Lock Issues: Troubleshooting and Solutions


If you’re facing issues with your Ultion locks, you’re not alone. These high-security locks are designed to withstand various challenges, but occasional problems may arise. As WG Locksmiths, we’re here to address these issues and provide reliable solutions.

Common Ultion Lock Problems Include:

  1. The Key Got Stuck in the Keyhole: Sometimes, the key may become stuck in the lock, making it difficult or impossible to remove.
  2. The Key Broken in the Lock: Accidents happen, and keys may break off inside the lock, causing frustration and inconvenience.
  3. The Key Snapped in the Lock: Similar to the above, a key can snap while turning, leaving a portion of it trapped inside the lock.
  4. The Lock is Jamming: If your Ultion lock is jamming, it can make locking and unlocking your door a challenge.
  5. The Lock is Spinning Round and Not Engaging the Mechanism: This issue occurs when the lock cylinder spins freely without actually engaging the locking mechanism, rendering the lock ineffective.

Our Ultion Lock Services

As an official installer of Ultion locks, WG Locksmiths Ltd. is equipped to handle these problems and more. Our experienced locksmiths specialize in Ultion lock repair and maintenance, ensuring that your locks function smoothly and securely.

Why Choose WG Locksmiths Ltd.?

  • Expertise: Our locksmiths are highly trained and experienced in dealing with Ultion locks and their associated issues.
  • Reliability: Count on us for prompt and professional service whenever you encounter a problem with your Ultion locks.
  • Quality Workmanship: We take pride in our work and strive for excellence in every repair and maintenance job we undertake.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Your satisfaction is our top priority. We work tirelessly to ensure that you’re completely happy with the outcome.

Don’t let Ultion lock issues compromise your security and peace of mind. Contact WG Locksmiths Ltd. today for expert assistance and reliable solutions.

WG Locksmiths Ltd. – Your Trusted Local Locksmith

WG Locksmiths Ltd. operates as a mobile, reliable, and professionally managed local business covering various areas including South East London, Addiscombe, Anerly, Bickley, Bromley, Chiselhurst, Croydon, Crystal Palace, Beckenham, Downham, Dulwich, Elmers End, Eden Park, Forest Hill, Honor Oak, Lewisham, Lambeth, Norwood, Penge, Shirley, Sydenham, West Wickham, and Southwark.

We are a CRB checked, fully insured, and Master Locksmiths Association trained local company renowned for our exceptional customer reviews. Our reliability, punctuality, cleanliness, politeness, and outstanding workmanship set us apart. With certified training and years of experience, we understand the security challenges faced by our customers in areas like Crystal Palace, Beckenham, and Bromley on a daily basis.

Lock Fitting and Replacement

Our professional locksmiths specialize in fitting and replacing locks for various entry points including doors, windows, garages, and letterboxes. We offer free site surveys and estimates, ensuring your property’s security meets the highest standards aligned with your home insurance policy.

Security Solutions

We provide a wide range of locks and security solutions from industry-leading brands such as Ultion, Codelocks, ERA, Yale, and more. As specialized security installers, we cater to both residential and commercial properties, offering tailored solutions to meet your specific needs.

Competitive Rates

Enjoy highly specialized services at competitive rates, making security solutions affordable for all. We do not charge hourly rates or call-out fees, ensuring transparent pricing for our valued customers.

Whether you found us through excellent reviews, recommendations, or online searches for “local locksmith near me,” “locksmith SE 19,” “locksmith Crystal Palace,” “locksmith Beckenham,” or “locksmith Bromley,” we approach each problem individually. We provide personalized security solutions tailored to your home or business.

As a local company, we take pride in offering personalized advice and an individual approach to every customer. With expertise in securing houses, apartments, offices, shops, and properties rented via platforms like Airbnb or Booking.com, we ensure comprehensive security solutions tailored to your needs.

Official Installer of Secure Locks: WG Locksmiths Ltd. is the official installer of the most secure locks in the UK, including Ultion Locks, Ultion Nuki Smart Lock, and Sweet door ironmongery. This ensures the highest level of security for your property, along with a wide choice of other reputable brands such as August or Ring.

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Are you locked out or locked in your property? Are you experiencing a burglary or have you lost your keys? These situations can be stressful, and you need trustworthy and fast locksmith services you can rely on. Contact us immediately for a reliable and professional response.


Changing the locks immediately after buying a property is essential for several reasons. Do you know how many sets of keys were cut before, and who has them? Does your property have proper security measures in place? Can you exit through all doors and windows in case of an emergency?


We offer professional lock fitting and replacement services for all types of doors, windows, garages, letterboxes, etc. Take advantage of our free site survey, where we can provide recommendations to align with your home insurance policy and upgrade your locks to minimize the risk of burglary.


Explore a variety of locks from industry-leading brands such as Ultion, Codelocks, Era, Yale, August, Ring, and Avia. Contact us for expert advice and precise installations tailored to your security needs.


Want to feel secure in your own home and have the ability to check on things while you’re away? Smart alarms are the perfect solution for this. Stay connected and monitor your property remotely with our advanced alarm services.


Concerned about the safety of your garage? Upgrade your garage security with our specialized solutions, including garage defenders, garage door locks, handles, and more. We provide additional layers of security for your peace of mind.



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