Why should you pay attention not only to the lock but also to the keys when deciding which lock to buy?

High Security

Most security locks only have 5 or 6 pins. The Ultion lock uses as many as 11. There are 294,970 unique Ultion key combinations

Convenience of ordering keys

Most high security keys have to be ordered using a card with a code that comes with the keys and a new lock, but sometimes you may lose this card or you never received the card because you were not the one who bought the lock. You order Ultion keys using the code on the key. Moreover, the entire process is online via wglocksmiths@gmail.com and the keys are delivered by courier to the address you provide.

Key duplication security

Ultion keys should be registered in your name or company. Then the keys can be duplicated only when you authorize this process via email confirmation. No one else will legally be able to duplicate these keys, but you must remember to register the keys immediately after purchasing the Ultion lock at https://www.ultion-lock.co.uk/ Ultion locks are the most popular and reliable security options on the market. Thanks to their extraordinary design, you only need one Ultion key to access all areas.

A wide choice of Ultion locks

Ultion locks meet the BS3621 British Standard, bear a Kite Mark and are approved by the Police and by insurers. Official Ultion installers sell, install and repair such Ultion locks as:
ultion lock





ultion lock


For any of these, original keys are a must. Counterfeits will damage your doorlock and void your guarantee.

How to get your Ultion duplicates?

The recommended key duplication points of authorized Ultion partners are places where you can receive professional service for all types of Ultion keys. It happens that smaller key duplication companies refuse to duplicate Ultion. They only have simple templates and are not able to precisely copy complex elements. Looking for a trusted Ultion key duplication service? Look no further! WG Locksmiths Ltd is your authorized Ultion key centre, offering hassle-free key duplication and delivery right to your doorstep. To get your duplicate keys quickly and conveniently, simply send your inquiry to wglocksmiths@gmail.com. Our expert team will process your order promptly, ensuring that your keys are produced directly by the manufacturer based on your key code. With our efficient service, you can expect your keys to be delivered within 2-3 business days to the address specified in your email order. We understand the importance of security and convenience, which is why we offer flexible delivery options. Whether you prefer delivery to your home, office, or any other location of your choice, we’ve got you covered. Rest assured, your keys will be delivered safely and securely by courier, providing you with peace of mind. Don’t settle for subpar key duplication services. Trust WG Locksmiths Ltd for all your Ultion key duplication needs. Contact us today to place your order and experience our top-notch service firsthand!

Why is having original keys from the manufacturer so important?

Understanding the significance of having original keys directly from the manufacturer is paramount for your security and peace of mind. At WG Locksmiths Ltd, we prioritize your safety and convenience by ensuring that all duplicate keys originate from authorized sources. It’s not just about convenience; it’s about quality assurance too. When you choose us for your key duplication needs, you can trust that the keys we deliver come with a quality guarantee. Our commitment to excellence means that the keys we provide are carefully crafted to ensure they work seamlessly with your lock, without causing any damage. We’ve heard countless stories from customers who have encountered issues with duplicate keys from unknown sources. These inferior duplicates often fail to function properly, leading to a myriad of problems and frustrations. Avoid the hassle and choose WG Locksmiths Ltd for reliable and high-quality duplicate keys. Your security is our priority, which is why we go above and beyond to deliver keys that you can trust. Contact us today to experience the difference of genuine manufacturer keys and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your property is properly secured.

How are Ultion keys cut?

Licensed Ultion Key Centres have access to Ultion decoding algorithm and specialist dimple machines. When decoded, the right indentations are cut with specialist, Ultion-dedicated tooling to meet the right depth and shape on both sides of your key. Each pattern is copied with uttermost attention to the smallest details to guarantee a fast service at a good market price. The best way to go is to type “official Ultion installers near me” or “replace Ultion lock” in your browser and call a locksmith to replace Ultion doorlocks.

Have your keys sent to your door

WG Locksmiths, authorized Ultion installers, are happy to provide you with best original Ultion keys. All you have to do to have your duplicate Ultion key, is to send an e-mail to wglocksmiths@gmail.com, fill in the form on the website or call. Then, you are going to receive a form to fill in and, after resending it, you are going to have your new Ultion keys delivered.

What else?

Protect your keys! WG Locksmiths offer a specialist keyring to your Ultion locks, powered by Bluetooth technology and compatible with Amazon Echo. It is an ultimate add-on for your Ultion keys which is going to help you find your keys using your phone.