It must have happened to all of us at least once in a lifetime. You left your home, took a bus or went shopping and suddenly you realized you can’t remember if you have locked the door on your way out. Or, what is even worse you can’t find your keys in your bag. But we can promise you that with August Smart Lock it won’t happen ever again.

Get a full control with Smart Phone and Apple Watch

Now it is a time when your smartphone (or Apple Watch) becomes your keys. You just have to install a special app and then you are free to go. Lock and unlock your door by your phone whenever you want to and wherever you are.


August Smart Lock is using a special technology that can notify you if your door is closed or open. You don’t have to worry anymore if you have forgotten to lock or maybe even close your door. DoorSenseTM technology can also show you your activity feed to let you know whenever your door was physically opened or closed.

Auto locking and unlocking technology

While using August Smart Lock you can set automatically the time to lock your door. It can be both, at the time you leave or even up to 30 minutes after that time. What is even more fascinating, smart lock recognizes you when you are back and unlocks the door as you approach so you don’t have to worry about your keys when your hands are full of groceries and other stuff.

Visitors keys

Forget about doing copies of your keys. If you know that people you can trust (like babysitter or dog walker) come to your place at a certain time just set up for them a recurring or a one time access and let them in and out of your home.


It is an additional accessory for August Smart Lock. With the keypad you are able to create custom entry code to your door. Even though, you don’t have keys and your phone is dead you still have the possibility to open the door.

Distant access

With August Smart Lock you can have full control of your door no matter where you are at the moment. You can lock, unlock and even check the status of your door wherever you are and whatever you are doing. With August Smart lock you don’t have to worry if you get your deliveries or about the fact that your family is stuck waiting outside for you.

Remember, you can always contact WG Locksmiths to have it installed on your door.

Source: https://august.com/products/august-smart-lock-pro-connect