Did you know that Ultion locks, in the event of burglary attempt, fire hidden pins which secure the central cam and stop the intruder from opening the door? And did you know that you need only one Ultion key to access all areas within your property? And to have your lock installed in a proper way you need to find authorized Ultion installers.

Police Preferred Specification and achieving the highest Kitemark star rating Ultion locks are accredited with the highest standard of Master Locksmith Association. Would you like to have these Sold Secure Diamond locks installed by a random locksmith without appropriate qualifications?

Ultion locks – Ultion installers

Apart from High Security Cylinder Ultion with dimple keys, Euro double cylinders, single euro cylinders (ULTION Plus), anti-snap cylinders, Ultion 3 Stars Euro Cylinder and other most secure locks in the UK, Ultion – along with its approved installers – offers a wide choice of traditional and modern solutions to improve security of your property.

In order to have any of these installed properly, you need to have your Ultion lock fitted by authorized Ultion installers. They know how to deal with these kinds of locks which are different than any other security solutions available on the market.

ultion lock





ultion lock


Brisant Ultion Smart with Auto Lock

Brisant Ultion Smart with Auto Lock is one of the most popular modern security solutions for your home, office or AirBnB property. There are several virtual keys available with the Danalock app. There is also the option of “arming” your Ultion Smart by Alexa or Siri voice commands (integration with Apple HomeKit). The lock will also react to the owner being in close proximity to the property. Additionally, the application allows you to share the keys, which will be useful especially in the AirBnB service. Access to the interior can be assigned temporarily to specific people, such as your guests or cleaning staff. There are several ways to enter or exit your property with the Brisant Ultion Smart with Auto Lock. It’s always worth having an official Ultion installer to set up the best options accordingly to your particular needs.

ultion smart
ultion smart

Ultion Smart – Apple Watch key

If you own an iPhone then the Apple Watch may be the key to your Ultion Smart security system. However, you must purchase the appropriate version of the lock. Which an authorized Ultion installer, such as WG Locksmiths, will help you with. Ultion Smart works with HomeKit, and there’s also a general variation on Ultion Smart Bluetooth. The ZigBee / Z-Wave edition is also available. The Lockdown Mode feature is unique, as it activates additional security when it senses a break-in attempt.

And yet, to install your Ultion locks properly, you need a professional locksmith in your area. If you need a locksmith in South East London, enter keywords such as “official Ultion installers Bromley”, “reliable Ultion installer Beckenham” or Ultion installers near me”, to have a trustworthy locksmith take care of your security.

Source: ultion-lock.co.uk