As a matter of fact you need to feel safe in your own property or the place you are staying in just temporarily. This is why upgrading the level of your property security is a very important aspect. Avia offers a few products that can help you with that.

External security handles

If you want to protect your door from most burglary attacks such as:

  • cylinder snapping
  • handle snapping
  • cylinder de-plugging
  • cylinder drilling

then Avia external security handles are perfect for your office or apartment.

Smart Lock

Avia smart lock is analysed in every detail by its designers. It features a lot of innovations and leading security solutions. While using it you don’t have to worry about external attacks because of reinforced stainless steel backing plate. You can control your lock by using iPhone, iPAD, Apple or smartwatch. Also, it is possible to control your smart lock via bluetooth or cloud technology. It is a perfect solution for airbnb hosts.

Avia key fob

Remember, that you can always open your door using the key fob. It enables you to control your lock up to 100 m range and you can pair it with Avia smart lock.

Do you need additional protection? Contact WG Locksmiths.

Source: https://www.aviasmart.com