Moving House? A Security Checklist

Moving house can be a daunting time with many important issues and tasks to do. In the final week before you make the move, you should begin the process of some key security tasks.

Safety and security are paramount and both the old and new homes need items to be addressed in terms of keeping both properties secure.

Safety box for important documents while moving house

Before you begin the packing of furniture and clothing, the important documents must be taken care of. The driving licence, passports, cheque books, wills and other vital documents need to be placed in a plain and sturdy box. You can put stuff like insurance papers, house deeds and even cash in here.

It goes without saying the box should be lockable and the keys must be kept on a fob with the rest of the important keys: house keys, car keys and the garage locks. The new property must be kept safe and secure in the days or weeks before you move in.

Moving into a new or an older property – differences

If you are moving into a new build, the safety and security of the property should include getting alarms installed and CCTV. Replacement locks – if the property in an older property that has now become vacant – are very important.

Many people moving home forget about the old property. The house you are moving out from may still be on the market for a hopeful sale. But if this property is emptied and you move into the new home, the fact is has now become vacant will alert passers-by.

Squatters will easily target an empty property if the locks and security system has not been upgraded. There may not be much to steal inside, now that all your furniture and fittings have relocated to your new home, but unwelcome visitors will still take an interest in gaining access.

Secure your home in case of unwelcome visitors

Some homes may have metal in the roofing system or copper in the water tank area or loft. Unscrupulous thieves can get money for stolen metal, so the newly-vacated home must be absolutely secure.

The same rules apply to the home you are about to move into. If this will be vacant, even for a few days, you will need to make sure its empty appearance does not attract unwelcome visitations.

Home security has come a long way in recent years, thanks to the introduction of new technology. Your new home deserves the best in security and its safety will make sure you can fully enjoy the experience of occupying your new property.