Even though your main door might look solid it doesn’t mean that it is hard to break into your home. It is all about the kind of lock that you are using. The more solid it is the harder it is to break in. This is why you should consider buying Ultion Lock and have it installed by WG Locksmiths company.

LockDown ModeTM

Ultion Lock is equipped with a special lock down mode which makes it impossible for intruder to open the door. System is automatically activated when Ultion detects an attack. What is more, Ultion lock suits perfectly to all multi – point locks and it can provide you the highest security level of your door.

Protection from intruder attacks

While most of the security locks have only from five to six pins – Ultion has eleven. Moreover, to prevent your door from a drill attack Ultion Lock has 20 hardened steel pins and plates.

Highest standards of Ultion Lock

Ultion Lock is also approved by the police, accomplishing the highest Kitemark star rating and insurance approved. Furthermore, it is tested by locksmiths with the Master Locksmith Association and is accredited with their highest standard – Sold Secure Diamond.

Remember that, WG Locksmiths is the official installer of the ULTION lock!

Source: https://www.ultion-lock.co.uk