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Burglary, fire or flooding – these are just a few of the dangers that await you in your own property, both residential and commercial, when you are away. Professional locksmiths at WG Locksmiths Ltd. are going to help you find, install and maintain the right alarm system for your home or business. Whether you are a caring parent or an Airbnb property owner, our locksmiths will use their experience to help you find exactly the solutions you need for your safety and peace of mind.


Use Smart Door Locks, CCTV, Homeview WiFi Cameras and Smart Home Alarms to build a self-contained and user-friendly Yale Ecosystem. Wherever you are, you can have total control over your home, office or Airbnb property thanks to the free application for smartphone or tablet. You can arm, disarm, configure and control your alarm system from anywhere in the world. If the basic version is not enough, your home security can be upgraded with up to 20 additional safety accessories from Yale. All app enabled products in the wide range of Yale Smart Living work together perfectly well as an integrated Smart Home security system.



Thanks to ERA solutions you are able to keep an eye on multiple locations, for example your house, your office and your garage, from one point of entry. You can choose between different models, for example ERA HomeGuard Pro which is a fully integrated and cloud based alarm system to be accessed via your Smartphone. Era solutions let you choose who leaves or enters your property with timed or anytime access. Thanks to Lithium backup battery you can be certain that even if there is a power outage, your property is still protected. We are happy to offer a wide range of additional ERA accessories such as multiple PIR sensors, IP Camera’s, water and vibration detectors. The ERA Invincible model, which works on a dual network (mobile signal or landline) is a great choice for those customers, who seek to diversify ways of managing their smart home systems,.


Your family, pets, property – Ring protects it all and it comes in an affordable package. The system gives you notifications every time a contact sensor or a motion detector is triggered. Thanks to Ring App you can verify whether it is somebody who is allowed to be there or a potential threat. Ring alarms come in different sizes: S (5 piece kit), M (10 piece kit) or L (14-piece kit) and have three levels of control: Disarmed, Home and Away. The Ring Base Station lets you connect Ring Alarm pieces to monitor everything through the Ring App. It can integrate your entire Ring security system, including Ring video doorbells and Ring security cameras, with Alexa. Ring alarms work with third-party accessories such as smart locks for even better security.